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What's the materials used?

A) The main materials: Steel Q235, which is the standard one in China rack industry, same as the international standard-E235B, USA-Cr.D, Germany-S235, UK-S235, Japan-SS400;

B) Some other accessories: Steel Q195, same as the USA-Cr. B, Germany-S185, UK-S185, Japan-SS330.

What's the delivery period?

A) Usually, for 1-3*40 feet containers (around 25T-79T), within 18days;

B) 4-6*40 feet containers (around 100T-158T), within 25days;

C) 7-10*40 feet containers (around175T-260T), within 35days;

D) For other much bigger project, will confirm specially;

E) If the project is urgent for you, also can be negotiated, will try to adjust as the actual situation.

What's the payment term?

A) TT: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT is against the copy of BL;

B) TT with LC: 30% TT in advance, 70% LC at sight;

C) LC: 100% LC at sight.

Where the factory located?

A) Our factory located in Nanjing city, around 1 hour from Shanghai by highway;

B) International airport in Naning city (Lukou airport), which is around 45min to our factory.

Which shipping port nearby?

Nanjing port or Shanghai port, both are available;

For some LCL shipping, If need arrange in other port, such as Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, we also can arrange.

What's the MOQ?

We have no MOQ requirement, but we suggest you put order in whole container-1*20' container (around 15T-18T), which can save shipping cost.

What's the delivery term?

Ex-work; FOB; CRF; CIF; DDU; DDP…depends on your convenience.

What's the warranty?

As one of the trustable warehousing racks manufacturers, we offer two years of warranty time that any quality problem (except human operation error or force majeure), can replace it freely. When over warranty time, we also provide maintenance service lifelong.

What's the colors I can choose?

We use RAL international standard color card, our standard color: RAL5015/5005 (blue), RAL2004/2008(orange), RAL7035(light grey), RAL1003(yellow)…

If order qty is small, better choose our standard color, save cost;

If order qty is big, we can customize it more easily.

Can do customize service?

Yes, we can customize as your demand, just tell us your details requirement.

Actually, for the racking industry, seldom prepare stock (finished products) in warehouse, we just stock raw materials, the reason is every customer need the racking type is different: pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine, shuttle racking, racking for tire…. even racking type is same, may be different is size too. So, customize service is the ordinary choice for us.

Can we do OEM/ODM?

Yes, welcome further communication on the details, we will try our best to cooperation.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes, for the sample, we send the sample (short cut) to you freely, you bear the international express cost, when the bulk order is confirmed, we will return back the freight cost to you.

Do YuRacking develop some new products?

A) Yes, we will develop some new type according to our clients and market feedback;

B) If our customer has new conception, we will cooperate to develop new products too.

How do we deal with the Die fees?

A) For the Die fees-the new products, we can bear with our customer together, can be discussed;

B) The customer bear all the Die cost when first development, we negotiate a certain order qty, when bulk order confirmed, we refund the money to you in proportionally accordingly in every order, till refund all.

What is very narrow aisle racking?

Very Narrow Aisle Racking, is a kind of storage racking, because its racking system forklift handling aisle is relatively narrow, so it is called narrow aisle racking or narrow passage racking.

How wide is a very narrow aisle?

The biggest feature of the narrow aisle racking is that the aisle is much narrower than the general pallet racking system, about 1600mm-1800mm, which greatly improves the space utilization rate of the warehouse. This racking needs to be equipped with a special forklift- three-way stacker truck. This is also another feature of it, because the aisle is relatively narrow, which has requirements for the technology of the forklift operator, driving technology to be more skilled, more careful and cautious.

What is an aisle in a warehouse?

The Aisle is very important to a warehouse, which is used as working area, forklift operation area. No matter for the traditional pallet racking, or the VNA racking, or the double deep aisle racking… all are need aisle, the difference is just aisle distance, the distance can be chosen according to the different types of racking and loading requirement.

What is VNA racking?

The main body of the VNA Racking still the pallet racking system, the main difference is that the ground at the bottom of the shelf is equipped with the action guide rail of the "three-way stacking forklift". The guide rails are generally made of unequal angle steel. Material handling forklifts are limited to dedicated "three-way stacker trucks". Three-way stacking forklifts glide along the established rails. The width of the palletizing channel of the racking system is slightly larger than the width of the pallet cargo, and the high-density storage requirements are realized.   At the same time, it inherits all the advantages of the pallet racking system, all the materials stored in the shelf system are 100% optional, and the forklift can store any pallet of goods at any time. Fast storage efficiency and very high storage density bring significant productivity and cost-effectiveness for storage and logistics centers suitable for narrow aisle racking systems.

What does VNA stand for in warehouse management?

We can see from the name "VNA racking", suggests the aisle of the racking is relatively narrow, which means the narrow aisle racking has a good utilization rate of storage space, which is very useful for enterprises that need to improve the storage utilization rate of the warehouse. In addition to excellent storage capacity, narrow aisle racking also suitable for some warehouses that require frequent entry and exit of goods, even if the working speed is relatively high, this kind of racking can be adapted. In addition, the height of the narrow aisle racking can also be adjusted appropriately, if the warehouse height is higher, the VNA racking can also be designed higher, but it is necessary to install some auxiliary devices to improve the stability of the shelf.

What is the difference between conventional narrow and very narrow aisles?

Conventional aisle is for the conventional pallet racking system, usually, around 3.3m-3.5m. Very narrow aisle is for the VNA racking system, around 1.6m-1.8m, need special stacker truck, and this kind of racking system, also need guide rails on the floor to help the stacker truck works more easily. The narrow aisle saves more space, improving the space utilization of the warehouse

How wide are VNA aisles?


What is the minimum aisle width for a warehouse?


How much space should be between racking?

High-level heavy-duty racking are mostly customized, so their spacing is designed according to actual needs, its design to ensure the safe use of storage shelves, related to the important link of cargo transportation, the general high-pallet racking, the spacing of each row can be designed according to the size of the aisle required by the forklift, generally between 2.8 meters - 3.8 meters, according to the actual needs to be determined.

How do you layout pallet racking?

How to layout the pallet racking, can have a higher utilization rate?


1. Between the racking and racking need to reserve enough logistics aisle, forklift access to the pallet cargos conveniently, the selection of goods can also be got conveniently.


2. The side of the wall can only put a single row of racking, in this way, can get the goods easily from one side; The middle of the warehouse will generally be two rows of racking side by side, the racking on both sides of the reserved channel can easily access the goods of the two rows of the racking.


3. Look at the inventory turnover rate of goods to place the heavy racking position, the goods that need to be frequently operated should be placed on the storage racking from the entrance, of course, with the life cycle of the product, the season and other factors change, the inventory turnover rate will also be changed.


How much space do you need between pallet racks?

The space between pallet racks is depends on the types of the pallet racking: for the conventional pallet racking, the aisle space is around 3300mm-3500mm; for the very narrow aisle racking system is just need 1.6m-1.8m; for the drive-in racking and shuttle racking system, there is no aisle space need between the racking areas. No matter which types of pallet racks, there is space need for the working area, to the wall, and fire-fighting system.

What is the purpose of racking design?

The main purpose of racking design is to find the most suitable and reasonable storage racking solution for the warehouse. The engineer will consider the real warehouse situation and loading demands to choose the racking solution. Such as: warehouse layout, size (length, width, height), post/door position; warehouse types-cold room, standard temperature, warehouse in special situation; loading capacity requirement; kinds of products need to keep; warehouse turnover ratio; all are the factors need to consider when making a suitable warehouse racking solution.

What is standard racking height?

Usually, the racking height for the heavy duty pallet racking is around 6-10m, also can be 12m, 15m for some special high space utilization. When design the racking height, also need to consider the warehouse height, the top-level pallet cargos need at least 300mm-500mm space to the warehouse ceiling.

What is the best layout for a warehouse?

The best layout for a warehouse, need to consider the below points:                                                                                                                         

1. Partition and classify storage according to the characteristics of the items, and store items with similar characteristics in a centralized manner.

2. Store items with large unit volume and mass on the bottom of the racking, and close to the outgoing area and passage.

3. Store the items with high turnover rate in the most convenient location for loading and unloading in and out of the warehouse.

4. Store the items of the same supplier or the same customer centrally in order to facilitate sorting and distribution operations. When a certain item has a large flow volume and a long handling distance during warehouse operation, it means that the warehouse has an error in the layout of the warehouse.


What is the application of very narrow aisle racking system?

A narrow aisle racking system can be considered if the storage or logistics center has the following characteristics:

1. The amount of stored goods is large, the goods are in and out of the warehouse frequently and high picking requirements for the goods;

2. Storage and logistics centers urgently need to increase the number of storage spaces or require a certain amount of storage;

3. Logistics efficiency requires a higher level.

4. The usable net height of the warehouse is more than 8m;

5. The forklift can choose a separate storage forklift, and it is not planned to use the storage forklift to drive out to perform other tasks