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Stack Racking

The stacking racking warehouse system uses stackable steel racks to handle pipe, steel, timber, fabric. The stackable metal and steel pallet racks are especially widely used to store different kinds of tires. The stack rack system is ideal to sort out irregular or round shape goods and is flexible for warehouse storage. As well, the rack stacking also helps increase storage space.

Features of Stack Racking System

  • Load capacity: 100-1500kg/pc;

  • Can be stackable in 4-5 levels, space saving;

  • Easy assembly, easy handling;

Stack Racking Solutions

  • Stacking Tire Racking, to keep different types of tires, such as truck tires; bus tires, car tires…

  • Stacking Fabric Racking, to keep fabric rolls, usually, will fix a smooth steel plate (powder coated or galvanized) on the base plate, use rivet to fix it to the baseplate;

  • Stack Boat Racking, to keep the boat;

  • Stack Racking, also used to keep different kinds of products packed in cartons.


Warehouse Stacking Racking Installation

  • Assemble them as the drawing, then, install them in your warehouse as the distribution drawing will be ok, very easily, even no need any technical support.

How Do You Inspect a Stackable Pallet Stack Rack?

Usually, better to arrange one professional engineer in charge of the inspection works especially, inspect the warehouse from time to time, make sure all the systems are in a good condition, especially when stackable in 4-5 levels, make sure the stackable head is in the stackable bowl properly.