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Irregular Items

Storage Solution for Irregular Items

For some industries, such as: Iron and Steel company, furniture company, wood company…the goods are always in an irregular size, some are long, some are short, some are in an irregular shape…for these products, not like the normal goods in boxes, cartons or in pallets, which is not so easy to keep, so, need special racking system to store them in a better way.

YuRacking has three storage solutions, which can be used to keep these kinds of products.

  • Long Span Shelving;

  • Cantilever Racking;

  • Stack Racking;

Long Span Shelving

Also called Wide Span Shelving, which is wide and long span design, can put the long items on the plate conveniently. We made a project for a customer, who is a big distributor,

dealing with the fabric roll products.

Long Span Shelving, also called Medium Duty Shelving, widely used in many applications, main parts include: Upright Frame, Beam, and Panel. Load capacity:200-800kg/level. The wide span plate can be in powder coated steel sheet panel, galvanized panel, particle board, both of them are in a long span and smooth surface, ideal to be used to keep the roll items.



  • Person to goods solution, can load/unload goods by hands easily;

  • Easy assembly, easy to maintain, widely used in all industries;

  • From light duty to medium duty to heavy duty, both are available;

  • Can be used for the multilevel mezzanine racking system;

  • The strengthen ribs design under the panel, make extra strength;

Cantilever Racking

This kind of racking system is mainly used to store the irregular items: such as: pipe, tube, lumber, long shaped materials, rolled section steel and so on. According to the warehouse distribution way, can be designed into two types: single sided cantilever racking and double-sided cantilever racking. According to the different loading demands, can be divided into: light duty cantilever racking, medium duty cantilever racking and heavy-duty cantilever racking.


Highlight Features:

  • Load capacity: 100-1200kg/arm (light duty to heavy duty);

  • Ideal to keep the irregular items;

  • Single sided cantilever racking or Double-sided cantilever racking;

  • Lumber Cantilever Racking;

  • Pipe Cantilever Racking;

  • Easy assemble, easy disassemble;

Stack Racking

Stack Racking, main parts include: one base and four posts, with other accessories, widely used to store the different kinds of items in irregular shape, for example the long fabric roll, we called it Fabric Racking, for the Fabric Roll Storage Systems, which is designed to keep different kinds of fabric roll, the plain and smoothly baseplate is the basic requirement, so, usually covers the base of the stacking racking with steel sheet fixed with rivet on the sides. The stacking racking is also ideal to keep the other irregular items, such as bags, heavy goods...Stackable Racking is widely used as its simply design, easy installation, easy handling, space saving, labor saving.



  • Load capacity: 500-1500kg/pc;

  • Can be stackable in 4-5 levels;

  • Assembly design, parts packing together, space saving, save shipping cost;

  • Welded one also available, just take more space when shipping;

  • Distribution in warehouse one by one, maximize the usage space;

  • Other optional parts: side protection frame/plate, bottom steel sheet or wire mesh.

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