Industrial Warehouse Shelving and Racking

Different companies deal with different products, so, they need different warehouses to keep the different kind of cargos in the limited warehouses, which are in different structure, different shape, different size (length, width, height), door/support posts position. So, need the experienced engineer to customize the suitable storage solution as the warehouse actual situation.

As a professional racking system supplier, YuRacking focus on the industrial racking systems and shelving storage systems around 15 years, we have different kinds of warehouse storage solutions:

  • Industrial pallet rack shelving solution for the heavy-duty pallet cargos;

  • Industrial warehouse shelving for the light duty to medium duty hand loaded goods;

  • Semi-automatic pallet shuttle racking for the high density, high efficiency warehouse;

  • Multi levels mezzanine rack or mezzanine floor (double or triple the warehouse height space), for the high warehouse;

  • Stackable racking used to store different types of tires and other fabric roll or other items;

  • Longpan shelving, ideal to store the different kinds of goods packed in cartons, boxes….

  • Steel Pallets and steel containers to store goods on floor directly, or used on racks with forklift loading and unloading;

No matter what's your demand, just tell us, a tailored warehouse rack layout solution will be for you directly.

Industrial Pallet Racks

Industrial Pallet Racks-forklift loading for heavy cargos, different warehouse design in different kinds:

  • Selective Pallet Racking: Available for almost all warehouses, all products, easy access;

  • VNA Pallet Racking-narrow aisle between two racking lines, save space largely;

  • Double Deep Pallet RackingFour lines/bays together, no aisle between them, save space larger than VNA Racking, need special forklift;

  • Push Back Pallet Racking-one pallet next to one pallet, forklift push into the bay one by one;

  • Drive in Pallet Racking- One bay next to one bay, no aisle in a whole area, forklift need go into the bay to load and unload pallets;

  • Pallet Flow Racking-gravity roller, pallets go in and out automatically, easy to handle, high-cost solution;

  • Pallet Racking Wire Decking-Racking with wire decking on it, can put pallet on them, or put goods, cartons, boxes on it directly;


Warehouse Industrial Pallet Shelving

Warehouse industrial pallet shelving-for hands loading good, easy access, widely used in warehouse to keep the goods packed in cargos, boxes, plastic box.

There are many kinds: boltless rivet shelving; wide span shelving; light duty shelving; medium duty racking system; heavy duty shelving-can bear the very heavy cargos.


Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle Racking System

Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle Racking System, especially, high capacity, high efficiency, labor saving solution.

It is a high-density storage, the shuttle car, controlled by a wireless remote, go in and out of the aisle to load and unload pallets. The Forklift no need goes into the storage area. Greatly saved space and labor cost.

Widely used industrial racks for warehouse, such as: food, chemical, tobacco, clothing industry and so on...also, a great choice for frozen storage warehouse.

  • If you want to find a high-performance system for your warehouse;

  • If you want to save space and save cost;

  • If you want to improve efficiency of your workers;

This solution is right here for you.


Multi-level Mezzanine Rack

If your warehouse is high in space, this solution can maximize the high space usage, can be double or triple the warehouse.


Longpan Shelving

Ideal for the warehouse goods with different kinds of cartons, boxes.

Widely used in warehouse to store different kinds of products handled by hands.

Also used be used in warehouse, office, home, stores.


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