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YuRacking is not just a racking manufacturer, we also a storage solution provider. Any question of your warehouse, any storage demands, tell us, our experienced engineers will provide the professional answers for you.

A) For some simple project, you can tell us:

Warehouse Racking Sizes & Other information

  • The warehouse rack dimensions you need, length, width, height? How many levels you need? What's the load capacity you need?

  • Then, we can provide the price for your reference;

  • If you have no clear idea what's the racking you need, you can tell use the commodities you want to keep? What's the size and weight or them, light duty or heavy duty?

You plan to operate with forklift or by hands?

And you also can send us your warehouse size, with the products information, we can choose the suitable solution and make a design for you.

For example, if you want to keep your commodities in pallets, pallet sizes (Length, width, height= pallet height + goods height), pallet size also can be chosen by the cargos size you need to keep.

With your warehouse size, we can calculate the warehouse racking sizes you need.

How to calculate pallet rack dimensions and quantity?

For Example


As the above drawing is based on: pallet size: L1000*W1200*H1200mm, 3 beam levels + floor level=totally four pallets levels, load capacity: 800kg/pallet,

  • Pallet Length: as we see, the pallet length is 1000, there are 3 pallets, we need to leave some space between the post to the pallet, pallet to pallet, usually, 100mm is ok. So, the beam length is 3*1000mm+4*100mm=3400mm, that’s the beam length;

  • Pallet Depth: as the pallet width is 1200mm, we need put the pallet on the rack, so, the two sides of the pallet need to be over the rack, usually, 100mm/side is ok, so, the rack width 1000mm is ok;

  • Pallet Height: the pallet + goods height is 1200mm, we need to leave 200mm space between two levels, for the forklift handling easier, the height=(1200+200)*3 + beam height*3(160mm according to the loading 800kg/pallet, 2400kg/level) + the top height(usually 400-700mm above the top beam, depends on the pallet height)=5025mm

Now, we got the pallet rack dimension is L3400*D1000*H5025mm(pallet rack length3400, pallet rack depth1000 and pallet rack upright dimensions5025).

As the pallet racking weight capacity: 800kg/pallet, 2400kg/level, we can choose the materials accordingly.

After made the whole warehouse distribution, we can calculate the qty of racks you need.

Then, gave the total budget for your reference.


B) For some complex project, before we suggest the solution

Before warehouse optimization consulting, it is necessary to analyze the warehouse situation.

The main purpose of the new racking storage, budget for the whole project, only after we got the real needs and possibilities of the customer, then, the most suitable economic solutions can be provided.


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