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Warehouse Shelving

As a reputable warehouse shelving manufacturer and supplier, YuRacking has industrial storage shelving systems and solutions for sale. Warehouse static pallet shelving units, mainly consists of upright frame, beam, panel, usually handling by hands. Load capacity of our warehouse storage shelves, heavy duty type included: 100-800kg/level. 100% access to products, widely used to keep small items in cartons, boxes, our cheap warehouse pallet shelving help customers reduce the cost.

Features of Industrial Warehouse Shelving Storage Systems

  • Person to goods picking;

  • Load capacity: 100-800kg/level, other load requirements also can be customized;

  • It is ideal to store small stocks of many different product types for person-to-goods picking;

  • designed for warehouses where goods are deposited and removed manually from shelves.


Warehouse Shelving Units Solutions

Warehouse Shelving is mostly used for manually handling products, there are several different kinds of types.

  • Light duty shelving, also called slotted angle shelving, to store the small items, 50-150kg/level, widely used in office, shop, home;

  • Medium duty shelving, is a steel shelving, used to store the small items, 200-800kg/level, this kind of steel warehouse shelving is widely used in warehouse, office;

  • Heavy duty shelving, to store a little heavier item, 1000-2000kg/level, is a special design for the steel warehouse shelving solution for the heavy-duty hand loaded items, this kind of metal rack shelving is used in different types of industrial rack shelving warehouse, putting the steel panel or wooden panel on the beams, then, can put the cartons, goods on the panel directly;

  • Long span Shelving, also called Wide span Shelving/Wide span Racking, is used to store different kinds of items, load 200-800kg/level;

  • Boltless rivet shelving: boltless racking/rivet shelving/metal point rivet shelving/rivet racking, boltless design, easy assemble;

  • Wide Span shelving, used to store small items, small components, is widely used in the hardware and automobile industries.

Warehouse Storage Shelves and Racks Installation

Installation tools need for warehouse shelving: electrical drill, bench, hammer.

  • Your workers finish by themselves with our engineer’s installation guide drawing and video, the shelving is very simple structure, main parts is the Upright frame, beam, panel, just need to install them one by one according to the warehouse shelving layout, very easy.

  • Send one engineer to guide your workers to finish some sample bays, and teach your workers to finish a bay, your workers finish the left;

  • Our installation team to finish the whole project for you.

The above options are all available, you can choose as your demand. If your budget admits, you can choose our installation team to finish all for you, that’s the most convenient way, just cost more.

Warehouse Steel Shelving Inspections

Warehouse Shelving Inspection is very simple, but also is very important, as most of the warehouse shelving system is handled by hands, so, not so much damage as the other kinds of racking system. But we still need to pay attention in our daily working process: store the products lightly and put the cartons and boxes in the right place properly. Choose the professional engineer in charge of the inspection work, inspect the Shelving system time to time, make sure all the shelving works in a good condition.