Racking & Shelving Custom Fabrication

Custom Pallet Rack Fabrication Service

YuRacking provide custom pallet racking service too, cause our standard racking and shelving products do not always fix all customers' needs. So, for some special rack fabrication projects, we also provide custom fabrication racks, do some adjustments to our racks, make them more suitable to your system.


How We Provide Custom Pallet Racking Services to You

When a standard size or ordinary racking and shelving can't fit your applications, we can provide solution including designing, engineering, delivery and installation to fits your exact specifications. Besides offering highly efficient, cost-effective rack fabrication solutions, we can also customize racking and shelving according to your storage needs.


Categories of Custom Stack Racks

From custom pallet racking to semi-automatic shuttle racking, industrial mezzanine systems, mezzanine floor, nestainer rack… all can be customized accordingly to your warehouse layout/situation.

· For Custom Pallet Racking

we can customize fabrication rack and finish racking distribution as your warehouse layout. You can choose to your racking and shelving like selective pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking (also called VNA Pallet Racking), double deep pallet racking, drive in pallet Racking, pallet shuttle racking. We also provide the teardrop pallet racking for the whole America market too. All of their sizes also can be customized too.


· For Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse shelving also can be customized as your actual needs. The boltless rivet shelving, longspan shelving, medium racking system, etc. All sizes and materials can be customized.


· For Mezzanine Racking/Mezzanine Floor

Usually, these two solutions always be customized. What we need to note is that sometimes because the warehouse structure is too complex, we need to cutting and welding at site when installing.


· For Stacking Racking

Stacking racking especially for storing tires can also be customized in many kinds. There are different drawings for customers to put the tire horizontally or vertically on the rack. And there is also pallet racking with step beams, you can put tires on the two step beams.


There is a rack fabrication example we made before for reference:



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