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Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine

As a reliable warehouse mezzanine manufacturer and supplier, YuRacking has its own factory and provides custom mezzanine system, such as structural steel and metal mezzanine system. The industrial mezzanine floor system of YuRacking manufacturing company can be used to optimize the vertical space by doubling or tripling the usable warehouse area, maximize the usable space, and thus help reducing the warehouse mezzanine cost. Loading capacity of our steel mezzanine for sale: 100-1200Kg.

Features of Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

  • Multi levels design, maximize warehouse space;

  • Load capacity: 100-1200Kg, other load requirement also can be customized;

  • It is ideal to store different products;

  • With stairs, handrail protectors, loading door, elevators…

Warehouse Mezzanine Floor & Rack Solutions

Warehouse Shelving is mostly used for the high warehouse to store different kinds of items.

  • Mezzanine Racking, rack support mezzanine system, can be multiple levels, divided to racking parts and floor parts, for racking parts: loading: 300-2000kg/level; for the mezzanine floor parts, load capacity: 100-1200Kg;

  • Mezzanine Floor, also called steel platform, can be in multi levels (multi-tier mezzanine floor), made of big square tube, main beam, sub beam, simply structure, easy to install, widely used in different industries, so, in some area, also call it industrial mezzanine floor, to keep different kinds of products, divided the warehouse into many levels;

  • Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor, maximize usage the height of the warehouse, can be designed into multi floors with stair and elevator... create more usable space.

Metal Mezzanine Installation

  • Your workers finish by themselves with our engineer's installation guide drawing and video.

  • Send one engineer to guide your workers to finish some sample parts, and teach your workers to learn, your workers finish the left;

  • Our installation team to finish the whole project for you.

The above options are all available, you can choose as your demand. If your budget admits, you can choose our installation team finish all for you, that’s the most convenient way, just cost more.