Racking & Shelving Installation

Warehouse Storage Installation

We provide storage rack installation service for all our racking, usually in three ways:

Pallet Racking Install Drawing Guide

For the very simple racking, like the selective pallet racking or the warehouse shelving, just need an electrical drill, wrench, and hammer. Our engineer will make the pallet racking install drawing according to your project, your worker can install it with the drawing guide easily. Any problem in the installation process, email or call us anytime for support.


Warehouse Racking Systems Installation Video and Drawing Guide

For a little more complex ones, such as the VNA pallet racking, double deep racking, push back pallet racking, drive in pallet racking, mezzanine floor. Will provide the installation drawing and the Video to guide your worker to finish them, or we can send technical engineer to your company to guide your workers to finish some sample bays for your worker reference.


Pallet Racking Install for Complex Projects

Such as the pallet shuttle racking, multi levels mezzanine racking.

  • Send the technical engineer to guide your workers, we will arrange one engineer there to guide your workers finish one -two bays, and teach your workers to installation, after your workers can handle smoothly, for example, the shuttle racking system, will make sure your workers can operate the shuttle car run with pallets successfully, will confirm your worker can handle all by themselves before he leaves.

  • Our installation team go to your warehouse to finish all, just pallet rack installation cost more, but for you, it is the most convenient choice.

We have a professional warehouse shelving installation team, 8 persons, with rich oversea installation experience, passport with many countries stamp there.

They familiar with the oversea installation, always can obey the local regulation, can finish the work very well.


For all the above options, you can choose anyone as your demands. Even for the simplest ones, if your budget admits, if your workers not available… You can choose our whole installation team.

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