Pharmaceutical Warehouse Racking System

Pharmaceutical industry is related to the people's livelihood, from production to circulation, every link must be treated with special caution. With the progress of technology, the expansion of enterprise production scale, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry on the storage logistics system demand is increasing day by day, each warehouse in pharmaceutical industry needs to be designed basing on the particularity of its goods, including area, temperature, space interval, environmental health, personnel and other equipment.

In the warehouse for pharmaceutical products, the main storage goods are divided into raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products. different products need different storage racking systems, the different features of the different racking system can be chosen accordingly. According to the pharmaceutical enterprises' projects, YuRacking has cooperated before: mainly used solutions including the below four types:

  • Wide Span Shelving/Long Span Shelving;

  • Mezzanine Racking System;

  • Radio Shuttle Racking;

  • Pallet Racking

These kinds of warehouse racking solutions are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry warehouse.

Here, we introduce the applications of the storage shelving (long span shelving) in pharmaceutical warehouses firstly. In another page, will introduce the other three solutions for your better review.

Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Shelving, mainly includes: long Span Shelving, wide Span Shelving, can be in light duty shelving, medium duty shelving, heavy duty shelving. Medicines are lighter goods and in most cases are used on warehouse shelves, load capacity from 100kg to 1000kg per layer, widely used, easy to handle, it is one of the most used storage shelves in the pharmaceutical industry.


Mezzanine Racking System

Mezzanine Racking System, to build an intermediate attic in the existing work space to increase the cubic usage space, can be two or three levels. The multi-level mezzanine racking is appropriate to keep some light foam, small and medium-sized goods, suitable for multi-variety large quantities or varieties of small-volume goods, manual access to goods, goods are usually sent by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or cargo ladders to the second floor, third floor, and then by hydraulic pallet jack to a certain location. Medium-sized shelves or heavy-duty shelves are often used as support for the main body and floor panels, which typically use cold-rolled steel slabs, patterned steel slabs, or steel grille slabs. Racking Support Mezzanine Systems are well suited to the storage characteristics of pharmaceutical enterprises with light weight, variety and small volume, and are widely used in finished products warehouses in the pharmaceutical industry.


Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, also known as beam racking, is a typical vertical storage racking, can use the height space greatly. This racking solution use pallets as auxiliary storage tools, first packing the goods as a whole, placing them on the pallets, then, loading and unloading by mechanical lifting equipment to the certain location. In large and medium-sized pharmaceutical circulation warehouse, heavy duty shelves are used commonly.

Especially in the relatively "tall" pharmaceutical enterprise warehouse, high racking, very narrow aisle racking and other types of racking based on pallet racking extended, not only to meet the bulk of pharmaceutical storage, but also the storage mechanized operation to a certain extent, popular in the pharmaceutical enterprises.


Shuttle Racking

Shuttle Racking, high-density storage, no channel, warehouse utilization rate of up to 80% to 85%, semi-automated operations, high efficiency greatly reduce job waiting time, flexible operation methods, goods can be first in first out (FIFO) or first in last out (FILO). The shuttle car can also operate in cold storage, suitable for medicine, food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco and other industries.


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