• Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking
  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking
  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking
  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking
Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking

Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking includes many types of heavy-duty storage racking system, our engineer can customize the most reasonable and suitable solution to fix your warehouse storage demands, such as heavy duty mobile racking solution, heavy duty industrial pallet racking system. Here, we mainly analyze the difference of the two types: drive in racking and pallet shuttle racking system. Both of them belong to heavy duty stack racking, both are high density solution, very fewer aisle needs, usually, for a whole warehouse, just need one main aisle in the middle as work/forklift area, will be ok, widely used in many industrials, especially for cold storage and food/drink industrial. The main difference: drive in racking system need forklift go into the channel to load the pallets, just can be FILO(first in last out), the shuttle racking system, forklift no need go into the channel, forklift just transfer the pallet to the racking area, put on the shuttle car, the shuttle car will send the pallets to the certain place, the laser on the shuttle car can make it go in/out along the pallet rail, stop in the right place, all these functions are finished by a wireless remote controller. So, as these factors, the shuttle racking system, can work more efficiency, most works are finished automatically, forklift no need go into the racking area, avoid racking damage from the forklift, much safer. Not just improved the warehouse flow speed, the work efficiency, also save labor cost and maintain cost. As the system need shuttle car to finish most of the work, so, the total cost at the earlier stage is much bigger than drive in racking system, but considering long term return, the shuttle racking system save more. So, if your budget admits, we suggest you choose the shuttle racking system, which is a better solution for your long-term business development. 
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The Difference Between Drive in Racking and Shuttle Racking System

Different Points

Drive in Racking

Shuttle Racking





6-7 pallets position

20m-50m (42 pallets position)


Goes into the channel

No need, just in the working area

Flow Speed

Forklift Handle

Semi-Automatic, shuttle car runs 42-48m/min with loading, fast


Forklift operator finish all the work

Most work finished by Shuttle Car, Labor Saving

Project Budget


Expensive (shuttle car is expensive)

Delivery Time

15 days

45 days


Less Complex

More Complex, need adjust leveling and shuttle car operation training

Maintain Cost

A little More


Same Points

Both are high density, need very few aisles, largely used limited space

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