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Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack, also called Hand Pallet Truck/Manual Electric Forklift/Manual Pallet Hydraulic Truck, used to move, load, unload pallet cargos by manual handling operations. As a reliable hand pallet truck manufacturer and supplier, YuRacking provides economical and effective pallet jack for our customers. Our hydraulic forklift is widely used in logistics, warehouse, schools, shopping malls, hospital, airports, etc.….

The high-quality casting type integral molding oil pump, pass pressure MPA test, no oil leakage, no deformation; the carbon structure steel punch forming-body part; wheels be poured with nylon materials or imported PU materials; Double bearing wheels, fixed with steel bearing, light and resistant; the fork and body is one molding, the entire frame is robot automatic welding; go through polishing and automatic powder coating line process, the manual Hydraulic Forklift is the most economical, the most environmentally friendly and the most effective handling tool in logistic handling equipment.

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The Features of Pallet Jack

  • Load capacity: 1000-3000kg;

  • Strong and durable;

  • Can fix with high precision digital display scale;

  • Easy to operate, simply to handle.

The Specification of Pallet Jack

Load Capacity2000-3000kg
Lowered fork height85mm
Max lift height200mm
Steering wheelΦ180
Fork wheel tandemΦ80X70
Fork length1533/1603mm
Width overall forks520/550/685
Turning radius1266/1336mm
Net Weight60-75kg
Other size also can be customized