• Wide Span Shelving
  • Wide Span Shelving
  • Wide Span Shelving
  • Wide Span Shelving
Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span Shelving, consists of frame, beam and panel, widely used for the hand loaded storage items. Different kinds of panels, can be powder coated metal sheet, zinc steel panel, particle board, wire mesh decking, the panel length can be 2m to 2.5m. The panels of the wide span racking are put on the beams directly to keep the goods on it.

The Wide Span Shelving, with different upright frame and beam materials, easy to customize as your loading requirement. From light duty 100-300kg/layer, to medium duty 500-800kg/layer, or even the heavy duty 1000-1500kg/layer, all wide span storage racks are available depends on your demands. Span shelving is widely used in all industries: in warehouse to keep goods, office to store sample and files, library for books….

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The Features of Wide Span Shelving

  • 100% access to goods, person to goods solution;

  • Ideal to keep cartons or boxes;

  • load/unload goods by hands easily;

  • Easy assembly, easy to maintain, widely used all over the world.

The Specification of Wide Span Shelving

MaterialSteel Q235
Load Capacity200-800kg/layer
SurfacePowder Coated or Galvanized
FeatureAnti-rust, Corrosion-protection
Aisle Size1m-1.2m
Load ModeManual Work, for some high warehouse, may fix with climbing cart
Size can be customized as your demands