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Cantilever Racking

As a reliable cantilever racking manufacturer and supplier, YuRacking has various cantilever racking for sale, such as mobile steel cantilever rack. Our cantilever racking is suitable for keeping materials of irregular items, such as furniture, pipes, shaped steel, lumber, etc. Our industrial warehouse cantilever racking system is a high-density solution, as its front side of the structural cantilever rack is clear to goods. Thanks to this cantilever storage pallet rack system, the forklift can load/unload the products conveniently.

Types of Cantilever Racking

Features of Cantilever Racking

  • Specially solutions to keep the irregular items;

  • Load capacity: 100-1500kg/arm;

  • Widely used in factories to store wood, pipe, lumber, shaped steel.

Cantilever Racking Solutions

  • Light Duty Cantilever Racking, to store irregular items, load capacity: 50-300kg/arm;

  • Medium Duty Cantilever Racking, to store irregular items, load capacity: 300-1000kg/arm;

  • Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking, to store irregular items, load capacity: 1000-1500kg/arm;

  • Lumber Cantilever racking, to store the long lumbers;

  • Pipe Cantilever Racking, to store the different kinds of round pipes;

  • Single Sided Cantilever Racking, distributed aside the wall;

  • Double Sided Cantilever Racking, distributed in the middle parts of the warehouse.

Cantilever Racking Installation

  • Your workers finish by themselves with our engineer’s installation guide drawing and video;

  • Send one engineer to guide your workers to finish some sample bays, and teach your workers to finish a bay, your workers finish the left;

  • Our installation team to finish the whole project for you.

The above options all are available, you can choose as your demand. If your budget admits, you can choose our installation team finish all for you, that’s the most convenient way, just cost more.

Cantilever Racking Inspections

Choose the professional engineer in charge of the inspection work, inspect the system time to time, make sure all the racking parts works in a good condition. Pay attention in our daily working process, especially the forklift operator, handling the forklift carefully when loading and unloading.