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What Factors Will Affect the Seismic Capacity of Storage Shelves?

The safety of industrial storage rackings cannot be ignored. Industrial storage rackings generally carry goods. In order to ensure the safety of goods, today's shelf products have strong seismic resistance. Let us explain the seismic resistance of industrial storage rackings in detail. What factors might be affected? Let's take a look together.

1. How to deal with the feet of industrial storage rackings?

The connection between the three-dimensional warehouse shelf and the ground adopts the way of embedded parts. That is to say, when the footing is made, the parts connected to the bottom of the shelf are pre-welded with the steel frame of the base, so that the entire ground and warehouse shelves and the steel structure of the building are integrated, which greatly improves the seismic performance.

2. Welding of industrial storage rackings

The welding of some parts of the warehouse rack is completed by full penetration groove welding. The unique connection between the column and the beam, through this connection method, the hinged form of the column and the beam can be changed to a rigid connection direction as much as possible, and all the connecting bolts are friction-type high-strength bolts.

In the shelf series, the more popular beam-type warehouse shelves are also the most cost-effective shelves at present. The beam-type warehouse shelves are very convenient to disassemble and transport. They are suitable for various warehouses and can make full use of warehouse space. The convenient pallet access method effectively cooperates with forklift loading and unloading, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Remind you to pay attention to a few points when using industrial storage rackings.

3. Determine the size of the beam-type industrial storage racking according to the area and placement of the warehouse

The carrying weight of each layer of the industrial storage racking is determined according to the items placed. Then consider how many slots are needed (one slot per pallet), how many beams, and how many layers are needed. For example, in order to save the cost of racking equipment, the bottom layer can be placed directly on the ground without beams.

4. The welding of some parts of the industrial storage racking adopts full penetration groove welding

The connection of the shelf is not welded, but is assembled to ensure the safety of the shelf. The material of the shelf is welded, using carbon dioxide shielded welding and full penetration groove welding.

All connecting bolts of YuRacking shelves are friction type high-strength bolts.

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