Auto Parts Racking System

There are many types of storage racking solutions for new tire direct warehouse, and different types of racking are suitable for warehouses in different industries, such as turbo tire warehouse. In recent years, the auto parts industry has developed rapidly, as we all know the production of a finished car treatment needs a lot of parts supply, and the storage of these parts needs to use storage shelves and ancillary products. So, it is important to choose the suitable types of auto parts shelving and use them in tire distributor/wholesaler warehouse for the automotive parts shelving systems. Here, we suggest some widely used solutions for your reference. Let's see.

Pallet Racking

The main body of the pallet racking structure is the frame and beam, which makes it an important choice for auto parts storage system. When storing goods, you can choose to place the auto parts on the beams of the warehouse shelves directly; or if it is packed in big cartons, also can put on pallet firstly, then, put on the beams with forklift; if it is the small items packed in small boxes or cartons, also can use the pallet racking with plate design, then, put the boxes on the plates directly by hands.


Racking Supported Mezzanine System

Mezzanine racking is a middle loft built on an existing site, and the shelf system creates a large amount of storage space through a combination of shelves and platforms. It is can be multiple levels. During access operations, irregular goods can be placed on the second platform and others neatly placed on the bottom shelf.


Stack Racking

In addition to the above two racking solutions, the stack racking also widely used to keep the auto parts, especially commonly used to store different kinds of tires. Place the same model of auto parts on the stacking rack for efficient three-dimensional storage and easy management, can be stackable in 4-5 levels.


Sometimes, these kinds of racking systems will be combined in one automotive warehouse project. For example, the medium duty shelving system combined with heavy duty pallet racking, it is a case we made for an auto parts company. After the field warehouse inspection, and customer research, they owed many types of auto parts, from the small spare items to the big heavy products. We use medium duty shelving for the small parts, carry less than heavy duty, but very easy to load and unload, relatively safe and fast, suitable for placing the products with small weight but need to be used at any time. For the big and heavy items, we use heavy duty selective pallet racking, can carry heavy items from 1000kg-3000kg/level, 100% access to goods, easy to handle.

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