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Warehouse Racking

As a reputable warehouse racking suppliers, YuRacking company has high quality warehouse storage racks for sale. As different types of warehouse need different kinds of warehouse racking solutions, no matter you build a new cheap warehouse, or want to improve your old warehouse racking system and reduce the cost, YuRacking, providing warehouse racks with affordable prices, is always here for you.

Features of Warehouse Racking

  • Store different types of cargos, 100-4000kg/level, 1T-20T/Bay;

  • Handling by electronical equipment, such as forklift, lifter…

  • Different types can be designed as your warehouse;

  • High density, high efficiency solutions.

Warehouse Racking Installation

  •  Your workers finish by themselves with our engineer's installation guide drawing and video;

  • One engineer guides your workers to finish some sample bays, and teach your workers to finish a bay until they learn, your workers finish the left;

  • Our installation team to finish the whole project for you.

  • The above options are all available, you can choose as your demand.

Warehouse Racking Solutions

  • Pallet Racking: it is the common warehouse storage racking system solution, there are many different types of pallet racking: Selective Pallet Racking, Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking; Double Deep Pallet Racking, design as your warehouse situation, different distribution when installation, need choose the different kinds of forklift to finish the pallet loading/unloading;

  • Teardrop Racking: mostly used in America market (including north America and south America), the shape of the post surface is like a teardrop, that’s the reason called teardrop pallet racking, usually, will put wire decking on the racking to keep the products or pallets;

  • Drive in Racking: which is especially a high-density solution, as there is no aisle in the certain area, the rack in one bay next to one bay, forklift need go into the deep direction of the bay to load the pallet there one by one, which is usually a FILO (first in last out) solution;

  • Shuttle Racking: almost the same high density as the drive-in racking, moreover, the shuttle racking system no need forklift goes into the depth bay to load the container, but the shuttle car controlled by a remote, pick the pallets along the rail one by one automatically. Save space, save cost, save labor at the same time; wildly used in the industrial storage racking system as it is a high economical solution;

  • Push Back Racking: which is also a very common storage racking solution, the pallets is push into the depth one by one, easy handling;

  • Pallet Flow Racking: the pallets go in or out on the roller as the gravity design.

  • Industrial Warehouse Racking: different kinds of warehouse racking used in different industries to load cargos in warehouse orderly;

  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking: designed to store the heavy pallets cargos, all kinds of heavy-duty cargos can choose the related heavy duty racking system to solve the storage problem.

Warehouse Racking Inspections

Warehouse Racking Inspection, is a very important parts in our daily work, as all the warehouse racking system are heavy duty storage racking system, usually, in high density, many levels design (used the high space mostly), so, we need to keep the whole storage racking system in a good condition.

  • Fix the protection parts for the racking system, such as the column protectors, post/corner protectors, back stopper, wire protector for aisle way under the tunnel parts, the row/wall spacer, top connectors to connect the high racks, make them to be in one entire system, be more stable….

  • Teach the company stuffs, transfer the safety knowledge to them, and keep the safety consciousness in their daily life, especially the warehouse workers: handling carefully, put the goods properly…

  • Inspect the warehouse racking timely, if there are some defection parts, found them out and replace timely.